Pre-Filter Intake Sponge

Pre-Filter Intake Sponge

4 qty selections:1x Large Sponge1x Small Sponge1 x Large sponges (bulk discount)12 x Small Sponges (bulk discount)Shrimp Filter Inlet(22mm) largeSuitable for Eheim350-600 CF600-1200Shrimp Filter Inlet(12mm)...

Vendor :Aquakitz

Type :Shrimp Accessories

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4 qty selections:
1x Large Sponge
1x Small Sponge
1 x Large sponges (bulk discount)
12 x Small Sponges (bulk discount)

Shrimp Filter Inlet(22mm) large
Suitable for Eheim350-600 CF600-1200

Shrimp Filter Inlet(12mm) Small
Suitable for any 12mm lily pipes or filter inlet. Eg. Eheim 2215 2213

Please measure your filter inlet to choose the right size.
100% Shrimplet and fish fry safe!