About Us
AquaKitz started since 2012 and was created to provide products not readily available within the Australian market and to provide new products to improve the aquarium hobby.
We offer a wide range of well-designed, functional aquarium products at prices low enough for as many people as possible to afford. This is the idea at the heart of everything AquaKitz does. From product development and purchases to how we sell our Aquatic supplies and Aquarium-related products in our online store.


Our Vision
A smiling customer is a returning customer and at AquaKitz this is our foremost goal.
We want to establish ourselves as your favorite place to locate the products you need to continue your hobby as an aquarist.


Our Pricing
Our close proximity to our suppliers results in cost savings. Hence all the aquatic supplies, aquarium and fishkeeping products you see on our website are amongst the most competitive ones in the marketplace.