Kitz breathing bags

Kitz breathing bags

Note: Please contact us if you have an wholesale enquiry. Video: IntroductionKitz Breathing Bags are a completely new approach to the shipping of live fishes,...

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Note: Please contact us if you have an wholesale enquiry.


Kitz Breathing Bags are a completely new approach to the shipping of live fishes, as well as aquatic invertebrates and aquatic plants, in plastic bags. The special plastic film used in the Breathing Bags generates the constant transfer of carbon dioxide out of the water in the bag through the walls of the bag, and the absorption of oxygen from the atmosphere though the bag walls into the water in the bag. This provides a constant source of fresh oxygen for the breathing of the fishes and other aquatic life.
Shipping Shrimp in Breather Bags
For those who wanted to know how to ship shrimp, here are few easy steps to follow:
Its not particularly hard but as you will find from experience it becomes easier every time.

1.Catch the shrimp you are going to ship.
Some people choose to not feed their aquatic inverteb[rates the day before, or even sometimes up to 2-3 days before shipping in other words fasting them. The reason for this is so that the aquatic invertebrates do not create waste in their shipping bag leading to ammonia spikes.
Personally I have feed my aquatic invertebrates up until the shipping date and from experience have found that it will not make much difference or majorly adverse effects.

2.Pour the water and aquatic invertebrates into a Breathing Bag and add some moss to provide the shrimp something to hold onto during shipping, I believe this is essential.

TIPS: It is very important to squeeze out all the air at the same time leave as much room as possible for water to move like not having the bag too stretch out.

3.After adding the water and aquatic invertebrates to the Breathing Bag, seal the bag with no airspace or with as little airspace as possible before tying a knot or sealing the bag as well as you can.

4.Place Breathing bag into the paper box with lots of newspaper/wool as packing material.
Some people choose to use a plastic container, or even styrofoam box, just remember if your packing with a breathing bag that the air has to somehow contact the sides of the bag for it to be effective. My reasoning for using paper when I pack is allow air to circulate in the box.

5.shipping date, most people use prepaid post bags these days relatively cheap and the platinum service will make sure that your bag will arrive the next day to most states in Australia. Communicate with your buyer, obviously shipping at the end of the week is a risky idea as if your buyer misses the post the shrimp may spend the weekend at the post office.
happy travels.

The main advantages using Breathing Bags are:
1. You don’t need to fill up any oxygen which means you don’t need to go down to the fish shop to pump oxygen inside your bags to ship. It saves your time and trouble for that.
2. Since the bags don’t need to fill up with air, you will save a lot on the shipping charge. (Size).
3. Your livestocks will last longer than the normal way of transporting your fish in a plastic bag.