Co2 System

Dici Co2 Regulator DC 02-04


Dici Co2 Regulator DC 02-04(In Stock)
1. Up open is special used by aluminum Co2 bottle
2.With precise pressure release valve(low pressure) more-simply Mini two-stage regulator & bubble countersing
3.Accurate fine-tuning (requlate to 1 bubble/2-3 sec)
4. The bubble gauge with inverse valve. (Requlation can be seen)
5. Australian wall plug and 12 months factory warranty
6. Comes with user manual, warranty certificate, spare ring, bubble count and tool set.


Up Aqua Aluminium Co2 Bottle

Up Aqua Aluminum Co2 Bottle (In Stock)
– Refillable CO2 Cylinder.
– 3 size 1L, 2L and 2.8 L
– Fill thread AS2473 Type 30 (Australian Standard for CO2)
– Refillable Australia wide.
– Comes with full Co2 Gas.


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