Aquasky Led Lighting 

All Chihiros products comes with 1 year back to base warranty.
Each unit comes with a free dimmer
If you have any question please Contact Us
60CM-602-AQUASKY-LED-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Tropical-Fish-Single-Bright-Lunar-EU-Plug 60CM-601-AQUASKY-LED-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Tropical-Fish-Single-Bright-Lunar-EU-Plugasdfad
Price: $340$290(In Stock)  Price: $220$190(In Stock)Price: $20(Out Of Stock)
Chihiros Aquasky 602         Chihiros Aquasky601        Chihiros Brightness Controller
Price: $180(PreOrder)         Price: $250$210(In Stock) Price: $170$130(Out of Stock)
Chihiros Aquasky 501         Chihiros Aquasky452        Chihiros Aquasky 451
36CM-361-AQUASKY-LED-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Tropical-Fish-Single-Bright-Lunar-EU-Plug 31CM-311-AQUASKY-LED-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Tropical-Fish-Single-Bright-Lunar-EU-Plug30CM-301-AQUASKY-LED-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Tropical-Fish-Single-Bright-Lunar-EU-Plug
Price: $130$99(In Stock)    Price: $130$99(PreOrder) Price: $130$99(In Stock)
Chihiros Aquasky 361         Chihiros Aquasky311        Chihiros Aquasky 301

Here is a tank where it went from day 1 to day 9 with the aquasky light on:
Day1 -day9
T2mFspXkRXXXXXXXXX_!!1067174064  T2j7EpXX0XXXXXXXXX_!!1067174064T2ghAoXotXXXXXXXXX_!!1067174064

Please click on the picture for more details about these super jet filters:


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