Large Black Alder Cones


StockID:S0084(In Stock)
Large Black Alder Cones (40pcs)

Cones alder (Alnus glutinosa) are used successfully in the aquarium hobby due to the tannin content. In the cones, presence of tannin (15%), fatty gallusowych, red dyes, and organic acids of a resinous substance.

Cones are ideal for Discus and Shrimp and all tropical fish

They cause a slight acidification of water and disinfection. Stimulate the fish to spawn and spawning.Ideal for all tropical aquarium.
aquarium water becomes the same as in the natural life tropical fishs.
Especially suitable spawning in the aquarium (occurring tannins in them due to their chemical properties have the ability binding protein, which is a good medium for the growth of micro-organisms) and the so-called fish. “black water” in South America. Freshwater Fish. Needed to change the pH is greater than the quantity which results in darker water. Do not worry about too strong a reduction in pH, cones are safe. Cones throw directly to the tank in an amount of 2-3psc to 20 liters of water.
For best results we can also prepare a special extract. Cones pour hot distilled water (about 150 ml.) And cover for 15-20 minutes. This extract has a dark brown color and slightly acidic (pH 3.5). After filtration through a sponge extract pour into the tank.


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