Indian Almond leaves


Price: $10(In Stock)
10 x Indian Almond Leaves (18cm to 27cm)

Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia Catappa) also known as Ketapang Leaves are becoming very popular amongst fish keepers/breeders, not just in South-East Asia but around the world, as a natural medicine and water conditioner for aquarium use.

Benefits of Indian Almond Leaves include:

Natural Water Conditioner. Humic (organis acids) and tannins found in IAL naturally lowers the PH, absorbs harmful chemicals and creates a soothing calm environment
Natural method of adding trace minerals to water
Natural anti-inflammatory (derived from Quercetin, a type of flavanoid found in IAL, which is considered to have natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties)
Natural decorative material (fish kept in an environment that mimic their natural habitats tend to grow stronger and heartier)
Natural food source for dwarf crayfish and shrimp
– Key in the care and breeding of Betta species


First, choosing size of Indian Almond leaves that suits to the size of your tank and water volume.  After putting the leave into the tank, it will gradually release substances benefits to fish and shrimps. The water will turn yellowish and eventually light brown. The leave will sink to the bottom of the tank within 24 hours and will be soften after a few days, which will also be nutritious organic food for fish and shrimps.

The leave need to be replaced every  7-14 days.



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