Chihiros Doctor Ver.2 (NEW)

Chihiros SUper             Chihiros Nano

StockID:S0501(In Stock)                       StockID: S0502(In Stock)
Price$99                                                  Price:$99
Chihiros Mini                       replacementdisc
StockID:S0503(In Stock)                     StockID: S0504(In Stock) 
Price$99                                                 Price:$55$39.90
Please note that Chihiros doctor 2 effectively kills fish disease by strong sterilizing
factors, so it doesn’t need to run 24 hours like UV sterilizer. Recommended at 8 hours max a day.TWINSTAR algorithm doesn’t affect aerobic bacteria and help
to kill pathogen, so it’s safe. Sterilizing power of UV sterilizer in
general aquarium can rapidly drop after 3 months but
TWINSTAR keep performance over 10-12 months.

Chihiros Doctor II is specialized for inhibiting algae or preventing the fishes and shrimps diseases. Using of high-dimensional function value value to making a computer algorithm, and in order to make users feel at ease to use, load the 2-year period of operational information into it. Chihiros doctors according to the purpose and size of the aquarium water is divided into 7 models, accurate management of your aquarium, and each type has 3 modes, subdivide size computer algorithm is accurate to each liter of water body water, care of your beloved fish tank.dd

Mini Inhibit Algae :
  • M1 Mode for <60L Tank
  • M2 Mode for 60L-90L
  • M3 Mode for 90L-120L
Nano Inhibit Algae :
  • M1 Mode for 120L-150L
  • M2 Mode for 150L-200L
  • m3 Mode for 200L-250L
Super Inhibit Algae :
  • M1 Mode for 250L-300L
  • M2 Mode for 300L-400L
  • M3 Mode for 400L-600L




Chihiros Doctor’s Cleaning & Replacement
1) Cleaning Solution is diluted 5CC sodium hypochlorite with 250CC water to soak for 5 hours and use soft sponge wipe the round plastic part, do not wipe the electrode.
2)Doctor disc part is a consumable item and will need replace periodically. If you are using this product in accordance with the instruction manual, can be used for up to a year. After a year please replace the disc.


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