AquaPRO Aquascape Tools

Aquascape Tools

AquaPro Aquarium Algae Scraper


StockID: S0049 (In Stock)
Price: AUD$32

1.Algae Scraper(2in1)
2.Made out of High quality Stainless Steel.
3.LengthA+C Parts = 47cm A+B+C = 65cm


AquaPro Aqauscape Sand Flattener


15_P_1391811391014 15_G_1391811391615

StockID: S0150(In Stock)
1. Stainless steel
2. Length: 32cm
Price: $18

Professional Stainless Tweezer(Curve/Straight Tip)

T2nvL3XfdXXXXXXXXX_!!20869830.jpg_400x400 T2oE_2XkhXXXXXXXXX_!!20869830
StockID: S0012(In Stock)
Professional Stainless Tweezer(Straight)
1. Stainless Tweezer.
2. Aquascape tool
Price: $12

StockID: S00121(In Stock)
Professional Stainless Tweezer(Curve)
1. Stainless Tweezer.
2. Aquascape tool
Price: $12

AquaPro Stainless Steel Scissor(Straight/Curve Tip)

24_P_1391811157250  24_P_1391811157163
24_P_1391811157430 24_P_1391811157726
StockID: S0102(In Stock)
AquaPro Stainless Steel Scissor(Straight)
Price: AUD$24

StockID: S01021(In Stock)
AquaPro Stainless Steel Scissor(Curve)
Length: 21cm
Price: AUD$24

Aquakitz Stainless Steel Wave Scissor

StockID:S0147 (In Stock)
Aquakitz Stainless Steel Wave Scissor
Length: 21cm
Price: $28

Japan NAG-Aqua Professional Stainless Scissors (Curve)

StockID: S0011(In Stock)
Price: AUD$24

Length: 25 cm
1. Planted Tank Essential
2. Curve scissors aquatic plant maintenance tool

Acrylic Tool Stand

StockID:S0035 (In Stock)
Acrylic Tool Stand
Price: $16

It comes with:
1. Main Stand: 12 x 3.7 x 3.0 cm
2. Insert Stand: 12.7 x 1.2 x 3.0 cm
3. 2 x Plastic & 2
Clean look acrylic tool stand which can be hang on the side of the tank or install on the cabinet.
Some tools may be difficult to be put or fit on normal stands, while it’s easy to be vertically hanged on the Acrylic Tool Stand.

Sudo Bamboo Tweezer

Sudo Bamboo Tweezer

  • Made out of nature bamboo
  • Length 29cm

Price:$9.90(In Stock)


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